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Italian Pod Machines, Coffee Blends & Tea Infusions

'La Piccola' meaning 'the little one'... is undoubtedly the most exciting Italian coffee brand available on the market today! These luxury, bespoke pod machines are a great way to enjoy a huge variety of delicious natural coffee and teas.

Just place a pod into the filter holder and enjoy... La Piccola machines require no grinder, no beans, no plumbing and no drainage! They produce no mess or waste and therefore fit any location around the home, office or business. Our commitment to remain organic and ethical has already pressed us to use pods that are 100% biodegradable (eco-friendly and ideal for plant fertiliser).

La Piccola pod machines are hand made in Italy on the cutting edge of innovation and technology, they are a step away from the traditional and less imaginative espresso machine designs. The La Piccola BAT™ is especially famed for its retro design and vivid colours!

All La Piccola machines make magnificent tasting café style beverages at the fraction of the cost. The biodegradable Lucaffé pod system La Piccola machines utilise is renowned for producing consistently perfect drinks.

Lucaffé natural coffee pods make creamy Espressos, frothy Cappuccinos, aromatic Americanos and delicate Lattes. You will really taste the difference of coffee roasted and blended to perfection using the very finest selection of ethically sourced Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Our soothing organic leaf tea pods can be enjoyed without milk or sugar. Blends include Ceylon (Black Tea), Green Tea and extract infusions such as Peach, Wild Fruits, Mint, Camomile and Lemon. A nourishing calorie free way to detox and cleanse while increasing your fluid intake throughout the day!

Why choose a La Piccola Pod Machine?

La Piccola machines encapsulate the very latest technology so out perform conventional and automatic bean to cup machines with ease. They are not to be confused with the array of ‘built at cost’ and ‘liquid capsule’ machines found on the high street. These superior machines are built to a commercial grade in conjunction with Lucaffé master roasters for people who really want to enjoy natural coffee. They produce outstanding espresso without the mess and the hassle associated with preparation (grinding, dosing, tamping, etc) and without having the kitchen counter cluttered with an array of barista utensils. It is well known that good espresso (the base for all coffee) requires a high degree of precision when it comes to temperature control, a difference of half a degree Celsius can mean the difference between an average and excellent taste – and it is in this department that La Piccola machines excel! Switch to a La Piccola and you will never want to use a conventional machine again!

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