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Coffee Pods

Welcome to the world of natural coffee pods! Just pop a coffee pod into the filter holder of your machine to brew a delicious coffee without mess or waste! Our commitment to remain organic and ethical has already pressed us to use pods that are 100% biodegradable (eco-friendly and ideal for plant fertiliser).

Making an espresso (the base for all coffee) is an art. Before pods there were many ways of getting the grind, measurement and tamping wrong. This affects the crèma, flavour and acidity of the espresso. By using Lucaffé coffee pods you get a perfect 25-30ml pour with a thick, consistent crèma and the perfect espresso every time. With a tender, sweet taste and an unforgettable aroma you will never forget your Lucaffé experience.

Lucaffé pods are freshly roasted coffee that has been ground and measured to an exact requirement, tampered to the correct pressure and then encapsulated into a biodegradable paper puck. All pods confirm to the ESE 44mm consortium standard with 6.8g to 7.0g of coffee per pod.

We have selected seven of the finest Italian roasted blends. Each pod variety is totally unaffected by the previous cup and individually packed in air tight and protective packaging which guarantees the taste and aroma of freshly ground coffee.

Lucaffé CLASSIC (80% Arabica - 20% Robusta)

We recommend our Classic blend to all espresso lovers. It is a blend of selected Arabica types of coffee with a small addition of Robusta; our signature blend. Sweet and delicate body with a medium thick crèma plus superb aroma.

MAMA LUCIA (40% Arabica - 60% Robusta)

Our most popular blend, a favourite among all coffee drinkers, especially suitable for Caffé latte or Cappuccino. Robusta from India and Arabica from South America. The delicate taste and pleasant aroma conjours the heat and beauty of South America and the soothing flavour of India.

MR. EXCLUSIVE (100% Arabica)

A 100% Arabica blend from South America, Asia and central Africa. Roasted in a traditional Italian artisan way to guarantee a fresh and aromatic blend. Medium body, sweet taste, memorable aroma, reminiscent of freshly baked bread.

EXQUISIT (90% Arabica - 10% Robusta)

Truly an exquisite blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. This superb and tasty espresso has a slight undertone of cocoa. A fuller blend that will definitely impress.

DECAFFEINATO (100% Arabica)

A de-caffeinated blend of coffee providing an opportunity to taste excellent coffee without the side effects of caffeine. Very sweet taste, full body, optimum crèma and distinctive aroma.

MESSICO (100% Arabica Single Origin)

Exclusive Arabica beans, greenhouse grown in Mexico to produce our organic blend distinguished by its intensive aroma, delicate body and medium acidic content.

COLOMBIA (100% Arabica Single Origin)

Columbia ranks second in the world in coffee production. Our 100% Arabica blend from Columbia has a sweet and chocolaty taste, medium body, unique aroma and very intensive acidic content typical for Central America.

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